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25 Different Ways to Cope With Uncertainty

Photo: Klaus Vedfelt/Getty Images

Plan for your real life after the election, whatever happens

Use the “circle of concern” to reframe your fears in uncertain times

Ask: What action can I take in this moment?

Plan who you’ll be after this

Make the plan even if you know it won’t happen

Find someone who needs help, and give it to them

Edit your perspective

Recognize that anxiety is normal

Don’t try to fix anything right now

Get into a hobby

Control your controlling behaviors

Learn to live in limbo

Learn how to be productively lost

Don’t doom scroll!

Seriously, stop doom scrolling

Use the scientific method

Find stillness

Make daily life slightly more doable

Meet your needs through “self-leadership”

Ask: How would I like to be responsible for myself today?

Think of the passage of time as an upward spiral

Increase your hope

Check your negativity bias

Get better at waiting

You don’t control what happens, so control how you respond

Former lead editor, Forge @ Medium