12 Survival Hacks That Saved Me as a Working Parent

After 20 years of raising children while working full-time, here’s what I’ve got

Photo: Tom Werner/Getty Images

Return to work after maternity/paternity leave on a Wednesday.

Up through kindergarten, skip the PJs and put your child in their next day’s clothes the night before.

When your kids share a bed in a hotel room, get them each their own comforter.

Parent by personality type.

If you are planning for a pet, work backwards from junior year of college.

Flash photography can get you out of a rainy game day.

Set the foundation early for the behavior you want to see later.

Finding balance is about defining the right unit of time.

Enjoy the sick days.

For toddlers: magnetized toys + cookie sheets = hours of fun.

To minimize a negative behavior, notice and praise the opposite behavior.

Find a shame buddy.

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