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As the pandemic inches toward completion, here’s an important message: You’re not done yet

Photo: John M Lund Photography Inc/Getty Images

Heading into the final stretch of the women’s snowboard cross race at the 2006 Winter Olympics, American Lindsey Jacobellis held a commanding lead over her competitors. As she ascended the second-to-last jump, Jacobellis looked back to confirm her lead, flew into the air, then grabbed her board in a celebratory display of swagger. The showboating would have been no big deal except that when she landed, Jacobellis fell on her backside while Tanja Frieden of Switzerland zoomed past to win the gold medal.

This kind of showy blunder happens all the time in sports. NFL players DeSean Jackson and Danny…

A ‘flux mindset’ can help us navigate the future of work — or a global pandemic

A father and son are relaxing by a large window at home, reading and playing games together.
A father and son are relaxing by a large window at home, reading and playing games together.
Photo: Tom Werner/DigitalVision/Getty Images

Under normal circumstances, an American citizen on a month-long business trip across several countries in Asia would be no news whatsoever. But the coronavirus chaos is anything but normal, and — I’m beginning to realize — my experiences here are giving me a unique perspective.

So far, I’ve been in Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, and the Philippines. To get here, I flew via Korea (several days before the country was deemed risky territory). Is coronavirus a big deal? Of course it is: Its disruption of health, the economy, travel, education, and supply chains are already significant and possibly of unprecedented magnitude…

Witchcraft might not solve your problem, but it may just shift your mindset

Smoke coming out of a cauldron in front of candles.
Smoke coming out of a cauldron in front of candles.
Photo: Jessica Lia/Moment/Getty

I’ve always been a little bit goth. But despite my spooky affect, I never seriously dabbled in the occult — until the day, six years ago, that I cast a spell. I can’t say it worked, exactly, but it did change something in my life for the better.

It happened after I posted on a local Listserv about the problems I was having with my next-door neighbors, who since moving in had kept up a barrage of complaints about what they saw as infractions and I saw as living my life. (Once, they’d called building management after visiting friends of…

Missy spent more than five years getting her husband to leave a cult, but the breakthrough was simple

Illustration: Reza Hasni

Missy met Dylan when she took a job at the restaurant he worked at, waiting tables. The couple moved in together and got engaged not long after, despite what Missy saw as a huge red flag: Dylan was a member of a religious sect that she believed to be a cult.

Missy was certain she could see through to the man Dylan would be without the sect, and certain she wanted to be with that man. She did not, however, want to spend her life with a member of his sect.

“Did you consciously think to yourself, I’m gonna change…

Reminding yourself of your true mission can help you let go of what you can’t control

Credit: Vincent Hazat/Getty Images

At one o’clock in the morning, the emergency radio goes off — a team of paramedics is calling with a critical case. They’ve found a young child in cardiac arrest, blue, and not breathing. It’s going to be up to you and your team to try to get the child’s heart started again.

You have five minutes before the patient arrives. What do you do?

As an emergency doctor, I’ve responded to this type of situation hundreds of times. What I’ve learned is that while external groundwork is clearly important (we need to set up equipment and mobilize the necessary…

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